Bienvenu sur Frenchizateur!

Frenchizateur is a little hobby project of mine. Started as a small module that can [almost] correctly conjugate a fairly large amount of French verbs that slowly moved to an iOS client (and maybe Android at a later date).

Several tests (so far only one) will verify your knowledge. Maybe in the future the application will keep a record of your achievements and propose a regime that could, in theory, help you master the thing.


The application uses a not-so clever list of regexes to conjugate French verbs. Parts of the project will is freely available. The Conjugator module is available on GitHub.  fa only for iOS but I hope the Android version will follow soon.

Modules used

Many modules that Frenchizateur is using have been made public and are available on GitHub.



Work progress

Work progress can be followed via the Trello page and/or by following the Twitter account.


The application can be called minimal at best. There’s a lot of ideas and little time. If you have something particular in mind let me know via the comments section or/and via Twitter.

Privacy policy

Frenchizateur does not collect any data in any form. It uses a list of 100 most used verbs. Does not store your progress. Does not uses the network (so won’t burn your through your plan’ data). It conjugates in an offline manner.

User Input