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2D Game Engine 1

Writing a simple game engine with IDE

Game Engine? Are you nuts?

So… I’ve always wanted to write my own game engine. I’ve had many attempts and failed miserably each time. Maybe the scope was too big. 2D, 3D, 2.5D… 2.7D. Or Maybe I was too young. Maybe I just had too little time.

So it’s time to start again or re-start since I’ve already started and fell into the same black hole again. “The scope was too big”.

So I’m older this time (and bigger mind you!). And the scope’s smaller this time. Only 2D. Only old-style pixel art meaning really small textures. Very simple shaders. The engine written in C++ (because I got really rusty). The “game” scripts should be in Swift (tried LUA… to much trouble; C++… too much boilerplate code).

So I want:

Yeah… the scope is really small this time around!

Some of my work is somewhat done. More will be added to the GitHub repo.

Image alt

Can you feel that Sanity Level dropping?

Image alt

So what’s the point in all this?

Fun? Educational Fun? Maybe I’ll fail this time again but maybe my code will be useful to someone. There’s going to be horrible C++. Bad C++/Swift connectivity. And some SwiftUI in the MacOS IDE (I hope).

Wish me luck! I’m gonna need it xd

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