Fr.Conjug is no more.

The kind is dead. Long live the new king.

I’ve been waiting for too long and almost let the project die. With no functionality and no UI the little app will be uploaded to the AppStore. Better little than nothing I guess.

Scapbook for developers

tumblr_lt2brtkTtK1r413h3o1_250Started working on the conjugator again and found myself in need of a board where I could pin different ideas and work related uhm… stuff. Trello seems to hit the spot. Simple, fast and chaotic. Just the way I like it.

A new beginning

tumblr_lt2brtkTtK1r413h3o1_250I’ve started a new blog today. I’ve selected a new theme. I’ve installed a new theme. I’m in love with the new theme. Many thanks to Liz Dizon. Didn’t have an Amiga. Was more of an Atari ST guy, but this theme is so irresistible…

We’ve decided to start a new, small project. A french conjugator for iOS/Android aptly named Fr.Conjug for the time being.

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