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The prompt

A short presentation is in order. I’m krzysp and I’ve been a professional, for lack of a better, term, developer for more than 15 years now, but I’ve started coding way before that. Coding quickly proved to be far more interesting than Legos or any other, preferred by the youth, activity. It is still, by any measure that I can apply, my favourite thing [to do].

In my professional life I’m a mobile developer, tech lead and am currently managing a fine team of wonderful people at Bank Millennium where we build the best mobile banking application in Poland.

I also contribute (with a couple of friends) to a dev-blog that we’re trying to get off the ground called SwiftAndSour.

As for my hobbies - I like to build stuff. The weirder the better. Not everything I build works and I tend to learn more from failures than from any success I’ve achieved. Some of the stuff I build is… already built but… there is a strange joy in doing something from scratch… Well.. almost from scratch.

Currently I’m trying to build my own 2D game engine. There is a long road ahead but Winter is coming (all related entries are available by the tag #game engine).

This is not a blog. Closer to a rant perhaps. Or maybe just ramblings of an old-style software engineer that has way too much useless information in his head. I might talk about things that interest me. I might talk about things that not many coders take into account anymore or even consider important.

There will be no copy & paste solutions. You may find some general pointers that you can use to fix your code should you need to. If I can help you with something - please let me know. Sharing is caring.

You can find me on Twitter/X or LinkedIn.

💖 C | 💖 C++ | 💖 Swift | 💖 ObjC | 💖 MacOS

Mostly written in English (badly). Some entries will be Polish. Most will be about MacOS/iOS 💟. Some will be general rants. You have been warned.