About me

Life-long computer programmer. Started in the programming middle-ages, in a world devoid of source-control, good debugging tools (I guess we’re still not there yet) and high-end graphics.

Fell in love with my Atari 800XL, ditched it for the ST and felt a true calling of the first iMac.

One of the few crazy ones to teach himself Objective-C when everybody was happy Pascaling-away. That landed a few strange opportunities which lead to other, even stranger ones. Still prefer C to almost anything else.


Currently leading a small mobile team, sharing whatever scraps of high-end knowledge I’ve managed to gather over the years.

Love Projects

Developing some small projects in my spare time. One of which is a completely unnecessary another 2d game engine, that will probably keep me awake at night till the end of my days.

The other one is a time tracker for iOS, so… you know… an old guy looses as little time as possible.

This Blog

Has little to no purpose other than to look back, at one time, and see just how far, or not, I’ve come.