Decima Manifesto #

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What is it? #

It’s an iOS application that helps you track time expenditure broken down into tasks. The ingenious idea behind it:

  • create a timer
  • start a timer when you commence an activity, say, a yoga session
  • when done stop the timer and Decima will tell you how much time you’ve spent
  • profit!

You can then track the time expenditure across days, months, years.

It has been designed to work with the Apple Watch in unison. Data is being synchronised between an iPhone and an Apple Watch so you can start a timer on one and stop on the other.

Only one Apple Watch is supported at the moment sadly :/

What it is not? #

It’s not a simple timer. It’s best used when tracking multiple activities across a larger span of time.

Why would I want to use it? #

If you want to time-box events, have more control over the time you’re spending on specific tasks then Decima may probably help with that.

Set Alerts for each timer so you’re informed beforehand when approaching any limits you may put on a specific activity.

Feature list #

  • Create, start, stop and inspect individual timers and its entries
  • Set Alerts so that you can inform yourself when time for a particular task is up
  • Synchronisation with the companion Apple Watch App
  • Modify individual timer entries; modification updates the timer on both: the iPhone and the Apple Watch
  • Shortcuts app integration