AppStore Privacy

Privacy Policy for Decima - App Store Application. #

This page is to inform potential visitors regarding the policies on the collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Information should anyone decide to use Decima aka the application.

Information on ads/data collection #

The application does not collect user activities besides what is vitally needed for the basic functionality. Such data though is stored locally and shared between Decima and the counterpart Apple Watch App (synchronisation).

The application does not use any software for analytics besides what is currently provided by the OS.

The application does not not present any ads and has no integration with any social media sites.

Storage #

The application uses the iCloud (unless the user specifies otherwise in the device settings) to store application data.

Service Providers #

The application does not have a network component and as such does not use any service providers.

In-app-purchases #

The application offers in-app purchases to unlock certain functionalities. In the process no user data is being collected. Quality of service is being solely provided by the operating system/AppStore. No external network component is being utilised.

Guarantee #

The base version of the application is provided for free and is presented as such. The author of The application provides no guarantee nor can be held for any damages.

Contact #

Should you have any questions or suggestions about this document do not hesitate to contact me at contact (at)