Change log #

1.6 Evelyn (Apr 1, 2021) #

  • Added Siri Shortcuts App integration. Timers can now be controlled directly from the Shortcuts app. Options include: start, stop, create a new set and toggle the state (started/paused).

1.5 Augusta (Mar 10, 2021) #

  • Re-added the ability to modify or delete individual timer entries (paid feature)
  • Dashboard fixes
  • SwiftUI based new screen for the Apple Watch (added recently used and running categories)

1.4 Eleonore (Dec 03, 2020) #

  • AppleWatch revamp; quickly see the running or recently used timers
  • Changed the minimum Apple Watch supported OS to 7.0 ** :/ removed timer entry option due to errors; will come back with updates and enhancement as a paid feature; sorry 😔 free vouchers for existing users will be provided upon request

1.3 Christine (Sep 18, 2020) #

  • Search feature added. Also Decima is indexed in Spotlight and its results are available right from the search option on the home screen
  • The currently running timer entry is now properly visible in the timer entries screen
  • Minor fixes to UI and usability (dynamic font sizes and some gfx artefacts corrected)

1.2 Alexis (Jun 21, 2020) #

  • Full (long) Apple Watch notification presentation added
  • Simple tutorial added
  • Minor fixes to alert timeout calculation (alert timeout is for total for the current set)

1.1 Joséphine (Jun 21, 2020) #

  • Alerts: added an option to be informed when a pre-determined time passes
  • Alerts are controlled from your 📱 or ⌚
  • Minor UI adjustments

1.0 Edna (May 9, 2020) #

  • Initial version on the App Store
  • Supports the iPhone 📱and Apple Watch ⌚️(companion application)
  • Multiple timers and state synchronization on 📱and ⌚️.
  • Multiple timer entries per timer. Group by year, month, day, set.
  • Timer entry modification enabled (change start and/or end date)